Health Insurance or Self Funded?

Group Health Benefits Solutions for Small Business

There are few small business owners who haven’t (at some point) Googled the price of business health insurance. But with so many options out there, knowing how and where to get the right health benefits at the right price can be a frustrating, time-consuming and overwhelming experience.

Let National General guide you. We’ll lead you out of the maze of plans, pricing, options and more.

How much IS small business health insurance?

As you research the best small business health insurance, it’ll seem as though it’s a straight fight between a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Plans from HMOs and PPOs typically come with a price tag of up to $500-$900 a month … per employee1. This can put such plans beyond the reach of many small businesses with growing staff.

The costs don’t end there. You’ll also have to factor in administration fees for managing your small business’ plan.

Now, many of you are in business for one reason above all: to make money. So while protecting your people with group health benefits for small business is vital, so is protecting your profits. This means you may want to explore more affordable health insurance options for your small business.

What are the health insurance options for small business owners?

Small business owners may choose to offer their employees group health benefits packages through state and federal online marketplaces at (under its SHOP program). This means also having to navigate the tiers of such plans, with the higher tiers carrying the higher premium costs. As health insurance management goes, it can quickly become difficult to choose the best small business insurance option. Why take a more circuitous route when it’s simpler to get a group health benefits quote for your small business directly from National General?

Why you should choose the National General Benefits Solutions Self-Funded Program for your small business

The National General Benefits Solutions Self-Funded Program for group health benefits is a cost-effective way to access the kind of high-quality health benefits you’d typically associate with traditional health insurance. It offers you the ability to access group health benefits for small business with pricing that could be significantly lower than traditional health insurance options. . And as an added benefit, you could receive a refund in any plan year when claims are lower than expected.

The price of health coverage options for small business owners and employees can vary based on many factors, including both the network utilized (if any) and the deductible and coinsurance plan design chosen. Overall, our self-funded group health benefits can make a lot more sense financially.

Start exploring National General Benefits Solutions’ range of plan designs, networks, and benefits options right now. It’s fast and free to get a no-obligation quote for your small business’ health coverage needs.


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